Photomonitoring™ for Landslides


Photomonitoring™ for Landslides

Photomonitoring™ is a low-cost monitoring solution based on the analysis of images acquired by different sensors and platforms (e.g. smartphones, fixed cameras, UAV, airplanes, satellites) at different times thanks to Advanced Digital Image Processing techniques developed by NHAZCA.


Multiple sensors and platforms

Photomonitoring™ is featured by a high flexibility thanks to the possibility to use data coming from different sensors and platforms as input data allowing sub-pixel accuracy in displacements monitoring.

fixed cameras
Risk Management

Risk Management

Photomonitoring™ supports landslide risk management. In particular, NHAZCA is currently working together with Sapienza – University of Rome on challenging solutions for rockfalls early detection, also based on precursors analysis.

Poggio Baldi Landslide, Italy



Photomonitoring™ is based on a set of advanced image processing algorithms (e.g. digital image correlation and change detection) implemented in the IRIS software developed by NHAZCA to enable this technology for automatic monitoring applications also in complex outdoor environments.

Photomonitoring™ results on the Ruinon complex landslide (Italy) recorded by a standard HD webcam.
Hermle, D., Gaeta, M., Keuschnig, M., Mazzanti, P., and Krautblatter, M.: Multi-temporal analysis of optical remote sensing for time-series displacement of gravitational mass movements, Sattelkar, Obersulzbach Valley, Austria, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-8011,, 2021

Early warning

Photomonitoring™ represent an ideal technique for landslide monitoring where processes need to be analysed with different acquisition frequencies (e.g. low, near real-time, real time) according to their dynamic behaviour.

Near real-time and real-time acquisition frequencies allow an early warning approach, that is fundamental for critical sites and infrastructure management.

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Cost saving

Cost reductions thanks to the possibility of monitoring by low-cost sensors data as input for the analysis.

Multiple devices
Input data from different sensors and platforms allowing sub-pixel accuracy in displacements monitoring.
Real-time monitoring

Fundamental for critical sites and infrastructure management.

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Other applications of Photomonitoring™


About us

NHAZCA (Natural HAZards Control and Assessment), Startup Company of “Sapienza” University of Rome, is an international leader in the analysis and monitoring of natural hazards and large infrastructures for the management and mitigation of risks.

NHAZCA is strongly characterized by a highly integrated and motivated team which contributes to its success and growth over time. Our team consists of enthusiasts geologists, engineers, project managers, and technicians coming both from private and academic world, also benefiting from a world-class network. Since our foundation, our team has been growing extensively and our ambition is to continue to develop new solutions and services while expanding our geographic footprint. Each co-worker is a specialist in his or her field.

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