Optical monitoring survey 

What is PhotoMonitoring?

PhotoMonitoring is the new platform of advanced solutions for analysis and control of the territory, structures and infrastructures developed by NHAZCA.


PhotoMonitoring is born in response to the growing development of land-detection solutions and optical-based structures installed on terrestrial, aerial and satellite platforms.


This photographic heritage, in many cases already available to us or otherwise easily accessible, thanks to the now widespread use of consumer photographic equipment, holds huge potential for your analysis and professional activities.


The PhotoMonitoring platform, thanks to its interactivity, is the most effective virtual space to learn about these analytical and monitoring solutions and to get direct benefit in your daily business, with just few clicks!



NHAZCA (Natural HAZards Control and Assessment) is a spin-off Company of “Sapienza" University of Rome, international leader in the analysis and monitoring of natural hazards and large infrastructures for the management and mitigation of risks. 


NHAZCA is a reference partner for many entities and companies operating in the area of land management and planning, civil protection, oil and gas, exploitation of mining resources, large infrastructure and conservation of architectural and monumental heritage.



NHAZCA provides specialist consultancy in the fields of geology, geotechnics, civil engineering and cultural heritage through innovative remote sensing and monitoring techniques, developed thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences and the CERI Research Center of the Sapienza University of Rome and thanks to numerous partnerships in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the technical and scientific expertise of its staff and the support of outstanding scientific and business partners, NHAZCA organizes highly professional courses both at national and international level, with the aim of providing users with the necessary knowledge about the latest innovations in the field of the geotechnical and structural monitoring and analysis and mitigation of natural hazards.


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All the PhotoMonitoring techniques for Geotechnical and Structural applications can be fully complemented with other remote sensing technologies, such as satellite interferometry, terrestrial interferometry, aerial or terrestrial laser scanning and infrared thermography.

The high versatility, reliability and flexibility make the PhotoMonitoring techniques suitable for different kinds of application in different contexts, thus achieving results from different kinds of data, collected by using a wide range of sensors and platforms!


Via Vittorio Bachelet, 12

00185 Rome (Italy)

+39 06 95 065 820




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