IRIS software, developed by NHAZCA, implements advanced image-processing algorithms for the monitoring of ground and structural displacements and changes.

IRIS is conceived to work with terrestrial, aerial and satellite imagery of any datatype (Optical, Thermal, Near-Infrared) allowing to reach subpixel accuracy in displacement monitoring.


The software is based on a Graphic User Interface (GUI) and implements several modules with particular attention to the main functions:

  • images enhancement for better visualization
  • export of single bands from multispectral images
  • image filtering for noise removal
Manual Processing:
  • co-registration
  • change detection
  • displacement analysis
  • multi-temporal displacement analysis

Automatic Processing:
  • pre-selection of images
  • automatic co-registration
  • change detection
  • multi-temporal displacement analysis
  • alerting
  • export of results in numerical image format
  • result adjustment
  • results filtering based on spatial distribution and correlation value
3D merging:
  • ingestion of Point Clouds or Digital Model


The IRIS software is distributed by NHAZCA S.r.l. which provides free licences for research purposes.

NHAZCA provides a Trial license (free of charge), non-exclusive, research-only, non-transferable, with an option to renew the software.

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If you would like further information about IRIS or a free trial or demo of the software, please contact us.

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